Cultural Transformation

Lead A Cultural Transformation with Purpose and Passion

Lead A Cultural Transformation with Purpose and Passion  

To transform a culture requires a long term commitment. Changing the hearts, minds, and skills of the workforce takes time. Doing this requires a clear picture of the desired outcome, the true involvement of leaders at all levels, and a proven path to success.

We provide a roadmap to follow, partner with you on the journey, and provide the tools that build the necessary conviction, knowledge, and competencies into your people.

Does Your Organization have a healthy culture or is it showing signs of distress?

The first step is discovery to find the truth. No judgement, no blame, no assumptions, only commitment to the truth. Realizing the importance of this first step is crucial to a truly transformed culture.

I have worked with many organizations who have a perceived idea of what is causing the discord with the culture and the vision. They implement change on assumptions and then are amazed when the culture worsens.

Any change has a ripple effect of positivity or negativity. When transformation is not done properly, it often deepens the lack of faith in the leaders. Everyone is disgruntled and soon returns to the old broken but familiar patterns.

It is important to be aware that cultural change is a transformation process. Unlearning old behaviors needs to take place before a new behavior can take root and grow.

Cultural Intervention needs to take place as soon as disconnect between the desired and the prevailing culture is obvious. We will provide you with an actual assessment and partner with you to align your culture into a healthy and balanced norm.

Getting to the core of the culture is not an easy undertaking. Models such as the Onion Model and Iceberg Model explain that you must be committed to really dive deep into the underlying, unseen core to truly find the truth.

Not many organizations have the man power to spend on this journey, they are too close to the issues or it becomes political so they skip the vital step of truth and discovery.

Creating, defining, and communicating the vision for organizational transformation is a tricky process and requires considerable time and resources to get right. Getting it wrong will doom a change effort to failure, leaving a negative ripple affect across the company.

We will partner with you on your journey, providing tools, and a customized Bluprint to drive the transformation process.

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